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Lions fall to Giants, 28-20

By Imperical Evidence

The Lions tied their own NFL record with a 24th consecutive road loss. On November the 14th, they have a chance to end the streak, or break the record, playing the Buffalo Bills at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

Hill injury
Quarterback Shaun Hill got injured in the second quarter, while falling and trying to brace himself with his hand.
The Lions are saying he suffered a broken forearm, and the ulnar fracture fits the type of injury to Hill perfectly.
Most people need ten weeks on average if the injury is a simple ulnar fracture to recover. These fractures usually occur during a fall, while trying to brace with the hand, or in a fight. A more severe ulnar fracture would require a surgical implant with screws and take longer to heal. The implant would also have to be removed, usually within one year.
Hill wanted to go back in, but the Lions couldn't splint the arm to give him full function. The earliest Hill would return would be the 19th of December, when the Lions play the Buccaneers. A QB can play in a cast, and by then he will be able to handle a snap. His return depends heavily on Stafford staying healthy for the rest of the season.

Hill had completed nine passes in 15 attempts for 91 yards and a touchdown and a passer efficiency rating of 99.6 when he got hurt.

Drew Stanton play
Stanton came in and was 19-of-34 for 222 yards, one touchdown, one interception and a rating of 73.4. His interception was a tipped pass, but the pass was also thrown too high. He played better than many thought he would, with limited snaps, and being on the road. He ran 3 times, for 30 yards. His long TD pass to Calvin Johnson was nice to see, making Calvin Johnson the first player in Lions' history to record two receptions of 85 yards or more during his career. Johnson caught a 96-yarder against the Texans in 2008, and the TD pass from Stanton was good for 87 yards.

Return of Matthew Stafford
After this week's bye, the Lions will host the Washington Redskins and that's when Stafford is expected to return as the starting quarterback. Stafford tried to return yesterday, when Stanton got the wind knocked out of him, but Stanton stayed in.

Zack Follett injury
Zack Follett was carted off the field after a hit covering a kick off. He was taken to Hackensack Medical Center, where his x-rays were negative, showing no breaks in the vertebrae. He also underwent an MRI and CT scan, both negative. Follett will be held over night for observation, should return home later today. He was in good spirits, posting tweets and texting his girlfriend the recipe for mud cake.
His tweet:
"Heaven was bombarded with prayer request and they were heard! Thank you for showing your support. I'm ok. Thank God."

Nate Burleson wants fans to know he is sorry for that fumble, posting the following on twitter:
"The fans are frustrated & rightfully so! ...We are too but we will win & create a winners mentality for the Lions! My bad on the fumble! "

Running game
The Lions ran the ball 21 times for 64 yards, 30 of those coming from Drew Stanton. The Lions averaged 3.0 yards per carry. The Giants racked up 167 yards on 30 carries for a 5.6 yard per carry average.
Jahvid Best had 12 carries for 16 yards. It's obvious the bye week is just in time for him. The offensive line still needs work at run blocking, and Best is bothered by turf toe, and those things made themselves clear today.

The Lions had a total of 366 yards, while the Giants had 334 total yards.
The Lions threw the ball 49 times, I know they were behind but that is too many passing attempts. They only ran 21 times, never establishing any ground game. Jerome Felton had one carry, for 8 yards, and wasn't given any carries after that. I find that odd, to say the least.

Cliff Avril got frustrated and flagged, giving the Giants a first down. The Giants would have had to settle for a field goal. That's a costly mistake. There were more, the Giants took advantage of Lions penalties for first downs four times. Overall, the Lions were flagged 11 times for 91 yards, while the Giants were flagged 2 times for 15 yards.

Special Teams
Tony Scheffler and Jerome Felton collided when trying to field a short kickoff they should have let go out of bounds. Because they knocked the ball out of bounds, the Lions started at the 16 yard line. If they had let it go, the Lions would have started at the 40 yard line. Dante Wesley was flagged for hitting a player while out of bounds on a kick to the Lions. That cost the Lions 15 yards, and they had no time outs left. Wesley didn't know where he was on the field? I don't buy that.
Jason Hanson made two field goals, both from 50 yards. He makes it look easy.

The Bye Week
Just in time for the Lions, Matthew Stafford will be ready to start against the Redskins, at Ford Field. I also think Zack Follett should be ready to play by then. Jahvid Best needs some time off, and this is it. HBest should come out after the bye feeling closer to 100%. DeAndre Levy might be ready to play, he might not. I don't have a good read on his injuury, high ankle sprains can take some time to heal. Levy is also hampered by a groin injury. With Shaun Hill getting injured, Drew Stanton spends nearly the rest of the season as the #2 quarterback. Good thing Derrick Williams is on the roster, the Lions could always list him as a quarterback for a game, making him the #3 QB.

Matthew Stafford is ready to go, and the Lions need the guy they went through camp with in there. That alone should smooth out a few penalties on the offensive side of the ball. Stafford also has the quickest release of the Lions quarterbacks, that can only help. I do expect him to take a few games to get his feet wet again, so to speak. He might look sloppy at times, and Linehan might tighten up the playbook once again, at least for the Redskins game.


  1. On a side note, if the draft was today the Lions would have the fourth overall pick. I expect that to change, with a healthy Stafford and a refreshed Best the Lions will add a few more wins.

  2. I would think so, this team is finally going in the right direction. They might not even finish last in the division that could be the Packers with all of their injuries, they look very weak right now.