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Hammer interviews Matthew Stafford

By Imperical Evidence

You've heard of Axe hair products. They are everywhere, they are hip, and your own Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford is promoting them. What does that mean?

Well, a bunch of interviews, with Axe hair products as the sponsor. I know, you're thinking same old stuff, politically correct and not revealing. You haven't read Hammer at the Bleacher Report then. He knows football, knows how to write, and knows how to draw people out. He was also the one, out of many at the Bleacher Report, doing this interview. What did we learn?

I'll give you a few pieces, but if you want the whole story, you're gonna have to go there and read it.

Is Stafford going to be the starting quarterback when the Lions play the Redskins after the bye week?

"I’m going to practice through the bye week and if it reacts well, then hopeful to be starting against the Redskins the following week."

Well, we all know by now I think he'll be starting that game. He will increase the workload in practice, and he has two weeks to get ready. He almost came in when Stanton got the wind knocked out of him against the Giants. He'll be ready.

How did Stafford try to improve in the off season?

"I looked at every interception I threw and categorized them and will hopefully limit them going forward."

Yep, he wants to cut down on those costly interceptions.

Guess what, he likes Golf. Maybe I'll invite him out to the Timbers after the season, and after it warms up.

What does he think about the Lions offensive line?

Ok, that's all you get. If you want that you'll have to go to the Bleacher Report and read it. Hammer is a devout Lions fan, and he followed me over to the Sporting News once upon a time. There are other interviews out there, even audio on Pride of Detroit, but this is the good one.

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