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Lions trim roster to 53...

By Imperical Evidence

The Lions finished cutting the roster down to 53 players today, but expect more moves in the near future. There were surprises, as Dre Bly was cut. After Eric King got cut, many thought Bly would stick because he can play in the nickle package. Another surprise comes with the release of Landon Cohen, while keeping Andre Fluellen on the roster.

Willie Young showed why the Lions should keep him on the active roster with an excellent pre season. Cliff Louis was the odd man out at tackle after Jansen got released. Steven Hauschka was an obvious cut, we all knew the Lions were waiting for Hanson to get healthy. Eric King to me was also an obvious release, even though he could play in the nickle. He couldn't cover a turtle one on one. Caleb Campbell and Tim Toone have a decent chance of making it through waivers and getting on the practice squad. The Lions also kept all three quarterbacks on the roster, not surprising to me at all. I expected as much.

Alphonso Smith will probably see time right away against the Bears to open the season, at least on special teams. He provides developmental depth in the secondary.

Landon Cohen, DT
Rob Callaway, DT
Dré Bly, CB
Michael Moore, WR
Cliff Louis, T
Jonathan Hefney, CB
Steven Hauschka, K
Dan Gerberry, C
Noah Franklin, G
Dante Wesley, CB
T.J. Rushing, CB
Paul Pratt, CB
Eric King, CB
Ko Simpson, S
Caleb Campbell, LB
Jon Jansen, OT
DeDe Dorsey, RB
Brian Clark, WR
Tim Toone, WR
Vinny Ciurciu, LB
Jaron Bason, DT
Dan Gronkowski, TE (Traded to the Broncos)
Waived/Injured - Korey Bosworth, DE

That leaves a final roster, for now, looking like the following:

Alphonso Smith, CB (via Denver)

92 Avril, Cliff DE
76 Backus, Jeff T
40 Berry, Aaron CB
44 Best, Jahvid RB
50 Boiman, Rocky LB
21 Brown, Aaron RB
39 Brown, C.C. S
13 Burleson, Nate WR
77 Cherilus, Gosder T
26 Delmas, Louis S
50 Ekejiuba, Isaiah LB
45 Felton, Jerome FB
96 Fluellen, Andre DT
49 Follett, Zack LB
70 Fox, Jason T
65 Gandy, Dylan C
4 Hanson, Jason K
2 Harris, Nick P
89 Heller, Will TE
78 Hilliard, Corey T
91 Hill, Sammie DT
14 Hill, Shaun QB
23 Houston, Chris CB
94 Jackson, Lawrence DE
80 Johnson, Bryant WR
81 Johnson, Calvin WR
55 Johnson, Landon LB
54 Levy, DeAndre LB
75 McBride, Turk DE
28 Morris, Maurice RB
48 Muhlbach, Don LS
86 Northcutt, Dennis WR
58 Palmer, Ashlee LB
66 Peterman, Stephen G
59 Peterson, Julian LB
84 Pettigrew, Brandon TE
43 Phillips, Randy S
51 Raiola, Dominic C
63 Ramirez, Manny G
85 Scheffler, Tony TE
67 Sims, Rob G
34 Smith, Kevin RB
42 Spievey, Amari CB
9 Stafford, Matthew QB
5 Stanton, Drew QB
90 Suh, Ndamukong DT
93 Vanden Bosch, Kyle DE
24 Wade, Jonathan CB
35 Wendling, John S
99 Williams, Corey DT
12 Williams, Derrick WR
79 Young, Willie DE

There will be players the Lions will want to look at that have been cut today by other teams, and the Lions still have more depth than they need at the running back position with Best, Smith, Morris, Brown, and Felton still there. This could lead to a trade, you never know. The Lions have kept five wide receivers, I expect them to stay put there.

What might the Lions be looking for? Well, a quality LB with experience just might be what the doctor ordered right now. That's a possible move I would be looking for.

Courtesy of TuffLynx, Lions fan and commentor on several Lions sites:

Guys who are eligible for PS are:

Tim Toone (WR)
Mike Moore (WR)
Noah Franklin (G)
Dan Gerberry (G)
Cliff Louis (T)
Jaron Baston (DT)
Rob Callaway (DT)
Caleb Campbell (LB)
Paul Pratt (CB)


  1. I also would like to add that I am not surprised at all by the Lions keeping Manny Ramirez. He provides depth at both guard spots and can take snaps at center.

  2. Once again, anyone can post here. You can post as anonymous without creating an account.
    Comments are encouraged.
    What surprises you with the roster?

  3. Only thing that surpises me with this is the cut of Landon Cohen, I understand that they wanted to keep some of the other guys but Landon is young and really talented, I would have given him a shot, I would say keep him on the practice squad at least. Otherwise good roster, LIONS 10 and 6 baby.

  4. Chuck, I hope they do win 10 games. I think Cohen put enough good play on film that another team claims him, even if he does make it to the practice squad. The Lions must like the versatility Fluellen brings to the line, both at DT and DE.

  5. I just don't understand the Dre Bly move. I think he puts a coach on the
    field for them. This is gonna come back and bite them. I also don't
    agree with the LB cuts. Caleb I believe is a better sub than Follet.
    This is a case of putting too much on a sub par project. He's a good
    special reams player and that's probably all he will be. Imper, go back
    and look at Follets highlight real and see how many blindside hits he
    accounted for. I'm not saying he can't hit, I'm saying it's the tackling( wrapping
    up) he has a problem with. I know Caleb will probably be back as a practice
    team player but I'm just putting it out there that Gunthers secret weapon
    is about to blow up in our faces.

  6. this team is a lot better than now

  7. Bly might be back in a Lions uniform for two reasons,Bly will not get his guarantee if he isn't on the roster on opening day. The Lions could then sign him at a lower contract. Bly could also provide a veteran presence in the secondary that isn't there now.
    Follett is basically a rookie, playing mostly special teams last season. He knows the playbook, now he needs everything to slow down on the field. The first few games might be bumpy for the LBs, but they should be a solid group.
    Caleb is in his first year in this defense and is also changing from safety to LB. I don't see him as a starting LB this year, but he should make some noise on special teams.

  8. Well I like Follett, he is young and raw but still talented. Basically this year we will have to rely on our D line which is solid. But when you think about it all of our defense is better than it has been in recent years so I wouldnt worry about it to much. Considering the amount of talent we have had on the entire team in the last ten years this 2010 team looks a thousand times better. Overall we are improved and I expect the same results for our record. GO LIONS!!!

  9. I guess they had to cut Cohen and keep Fluellen because they have 2 young DEs they want on the roster (Jackson and Young) so they need a backup DT who can also play DE.

    Bly got cut because his game was his speed and ability to break on the ball which has been lost due to age. Not to mention he doesn't tackle well and the Mayhew plan is to get DBs who can at least tackle a guy after giving up a big play.

  10. I like this site. Intelligent football talk and not a lot of silly crap like mlive. I have put it into my favorites. I do agree that this team looks a lot better this year. Back to at least 8-8 maybe.

  11. I am really disappointed that they dropped Bly. He was always one of my favorite Lions and I really hope they pick him back up. Remember the season he played with a broken arm? He play better than half the CBs in the league. He has a great work ethic and says half way intelligent things, which is more than you can say about most football players. I think he would have been a good veteran steady hand on this young team.

  12. I agree that the Bly move is odd especially since Spievey was moved to Safety. Thought Bly would be able to play nickel and be better than King. Really thought that was the plan after King was cut. Very concerned about starting LB & CB positions as well as depth on the lines. Should be interesting to see what moves are just around the corner.