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The Detroit Lions season ending opener...

By Imperical Evidence

The Lions have released some information on the injury of Matthew Stafford, but not much.
Tom Kowalski, Lions insider, posted the following information from Jim Schwartz, the Lions head Coach:

"ALLEN PARK - While the Detroit Lions refuse to put a timetable on his possible return, head coach Jim Schwartz said today that quarterback Matthew Stafford did not sustain a serious injury in Detroit's 19-14 loss to the Chicago Bears on Sunday."

"Stafford is not expected to start in this week's game against the Philadelphia Eagles and could miss a couple of weeks, at least. Schwartz said Stafford, who is experiencing soreness and swelling in his right shoulder, would be re-evaluated on Wednesday but won't need surgery."

Yep, Mr. Schwartz, the fans buying the tickets do not need to know when Stafford might return. I think if Stafford had the X-ray and MRI today, the Lions have a general idea of what is going on, and do have a timetable for his return.

So, Lions fans, send a message. If you plan on buying tickets to the home opener, don't. You will be paying to see Shaun Hill lead the Detroit Lions, not Stafford. In fact, don't buy tickets until Schwartz lets us know when Stafford will start again, and then buy them for that game, if you did plan on buying tickets.

Let's stop this crap right now. The paying fans deserve to know when the future of the franchise might return, even if it is an estimate.

That's where I come in, I'll tell you when he will return, at least an estimate.

Adam Schefter of ESPN tweeted the following:

QB Matthew Stafford has second-degree separated shoulder; planning to visit Dr. James Andrews as early as this week. Out this week at least.

In a moderate, or second-degree sprain, the ligaments are stretched more and partially torn, and the outer end of the collarbone will partially snap in and out of the joint. This type of sprain is diagnosed by an x-ray, and Stafford had an x-ray taken earlier today on the injured shoulder. has the following information:

Type I and type II shoulder separations are by far the most common types of separated shoulders, and these types of injuries rarely need surgery-and only if there are problems with non-operative treatment.

Ok, now the timetable for the return of Matthew Stafford.

The treatment for first- and second-degree shoulder sprains is rest. Stafford will have to put the shoulder in a sling for one to three weeks, depending on the severity of the injury. Also, in addition to resting the shoulder, Stafford must ice it for 20 to 30 minutes a few times a day in the beginning to ease the pain.

These are particularly frustrating injuries because they can take six to eight weeks to heal. One may not be able to raise the arm laterally beyond 90 degrees until the injury has healed.

5 weeks would be on the early side for Stafford to return, which would be the Giants game in week 6, on the road. The Lions have a bye week after that, so I don't expect Stafford to return until week 8, against the Redskins, a home game.

This is all guess work, but it is an educated guess. Jim Schwartz dosen't think Lions fans need to know when Stafford will return. I think the Lions are not that good a team, and right now Jim Schwartz should be sucking up to the fan base, not keeping them in the dark.

That means I am changing my win-loss prediction for the Lions to 3 wins and 13 losses. Season over.

The Lions have also signed Nathan Vasher today. Vasher played cornerback for the Bears, recording 8 interceptions in 2005. In 2007, the injuury bug set in, and in 2008 Vasher missed the majority of the season with a groin injury he suffered in game three. In 2009, Vasher played in 15 games with only two starts. He was cut by the Bears and signed by the Chargers, later to be cut.

The Lions feel the need to replace an injured Aaron Berry with Vasher, another injury prone player that might not be able to return to his earlier form.

The good news is that the Lions will need to make a roster cut to make room for Vasher.

Hey, here's an idea, CUT BACKUS to make room on the roster!!!!!!!!
I can almost predict with near certainty that neither Jason Fox nor Corey Hilliard will allow the 12 sacks Backus allowed in his rookie year. Either would be an improvement.

Lions fans are still upset from the botched call on the Calvin Johnson TD. Here are a few comments I found accurate, and entertaining:

opinion98 - Mlive
The Lions, as an organization should not just roll over and accept this call. The call was wrong, wrong wrong. They don't want to look like cry babies and whiners, so they just agree with it? The call was an interpretation that the "process" was still happening, when anybody with eyes can see that football part of the play was over, over, over.

geneseejoe - Mlive
"IF" the Lions score another TD this year that player should fall to a fettle position an cradle the ball. All other Lions players should gather around him, and protect him until the Ref. comes out and swears on the bible that it is a TD.

Great stuff guys, and I couldn't agree more.

I also have to wish Shaun Hill luck, he will need it to stay healthy until Stafford returns. We might see Drew Stanton this year.


  1. Speak up guys. I can't read you.

  2. Yeah, I gotta say I think you are being a little harsh on Schwartz. He is pretty closed lipped about anything he doesn't KNOW. I would say if you were gonna buy tickets, still do. Hill didn't look any worse than Stafford (sorta) did in the Bears game. As far as "The Catch", I don't hear anyone, friend or foe, saying it was a great call. I think it is pretty clear it is total BS and I hope the NFL is pressed to address it. Or at least think about the changing the rule. Anyhow, good blog. Like your stuff man.

  3. Remember the knee injury last season that Schwartz said wouldn't require surgery?
    Thanks for the post, I think all opinions are important. I also think it's important for the fanbase to know if Stafford does have a second degree seperation, and at the very least I think Schwartz knows the answer there.

  4. Alright the more I think about it I the more I agree with you. If you are buying tickets you should at least know what to expect...I get that. I also know that I have seen two essentially same injuries take drastically different lengths of time to come back from. (Giving him the benefit of the doubt) I think that is where Schwartz is coming from, I do not think he is the type of guy to intentionally deceive the fans, or anyone for that matter. However, if he comes out and says two weeks and it ends up being six weeks, for no apparent reason, are you gonna rip him a new one then too? I don't know. I do know after his post game comments (see det news, Schwartz holds players accountable) I have a hard time not liking ever ounce of this guy. You don't hear guys with that much class in the NFL anymore.

  5. I think Schwartz needed to stand up for his players and fight for a win. Take the fine.
    He didn't.
    How can the players fight for a win if the Head Coach won't?
    Was that the right approach?
    Time will tell there.
    Maybe Schwartz was right, maybe not.

  6. Has blowing up at a ref ever accomplished anything???

  7. Sometimes one can't just blindly follow rules they know have lead to bad decisions.
    This Country was built by people that stood up for what they believed in.
    Sometimes you just need to speak up and fight for that win.