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Lions President Tom Lewand arrested for Drunk Driving

By Imperical Evidence

WXYZ-TV in Detroit reported that Detroit Lions president Tom Lewand was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving Friday near Houghton Lake in Roscommon County. Lewand was in Roscommon to attend the 30th annual Kolo Golf Outing, a charity event near Houghton Lake

Lewand, who replaced Matt Millen in December of 2008, released a statement that WXYZ reporter Tom Leyden posted on his Twitter page.

Tom Lewand:
"I am deeply sorry for my actions and take full responsibility for them. As a person in active recovery, I am committed to taking all necessary steps to insure nothing like this ever happens again."

Afterwards, Leyden posted this statement:
"Tom Lewand is a good, smart man who made a regrettable error in judgment. I empathize w/ Tom and his family. Thankfully no one was hurt."

When Mlive posted this story, they left out one key piece of information that maybe Lions fans should be concerned about. They left out the active recovery part. I had to ask myself, 'how long has this been going on?' Tom 'Killer' Kowalski to the rescue, kind of. Killers' story also seems to have left out a vital piece of information, what kind of active recovery?

I think the answer to that question is obvious, we are looking at an alcohol problem. This isn't a reckless driving thing, this isn't a road rage thing, this isn't depression, or mental ilness. I think Killer was trying to be sensitive when there wasn't a need to be. The issue is obvious and should be stated, that's all. We also know, thanks to Killer, that according to sources close to the situation, Lewand had been receiving counseling for more than a year and that treatment is expected to continue.

Ok, so the President of our beloved Detroit Lions has had this problem for over a year? Nobody in the media knew about this?
Think about that.

Senior Vice President of Communications for the Detroit Lions, Bill Keenist, said the club will have no further comment.

According to NFL representative Greg Aiello, Tom Lewand is now subject to the Personal Conduct Policy which covers all NFL employees. Under the current policy, players can be fined and/or suspended.

It All Starts At The Top:

I think the NFL needs to send a message here, with all the player incidents that have been going on. The president of any team needs to be the leader by example. If the front office needs to be disciplined, how can that front office discipline any players effectively?
I'll tell you, if I was a player for the Lions and got drunk and in trouble and I was fined, I would be laughing so hard I would cry.

Don't get me wrong, if I have two beers after work I would fail a breathalizer. That's not at issue here. Tom Lewand should know what is acceptable and what isn't. This is supposed to be a very intelligent man.Lewand is a graduate of the University of Michigan, where he has bachelor's, a masters in business, and a law degree. He is married with four daughters. Tom Lewand is a man that should know that if he is getting treatment for any kind of alcohol problem, that even one beer is a bad thing.

Does anyone remember Jerry Jones and the video of him at the bar that recently surfaced?
There is some foul language involved here, so if you are eaisly offended you can skip that link.

How much goes on behind the scenes in the NFL front offices that we don't know about?
I would say tons, and some of it isn't good.


  1. Anyone can post here, just post under anonymous, so lets hear some opinions!!!

  2. I think you hit the nail on the head, I got to the part about active recovery and I was like what the heck this is even bigger than it first looked. I hate drunk driving and consider it to be a major crime because they are recklessly taking peoples lives into their hands. If a player is caught drunk driving I am upset, and I am upset with this the same he isn't setting a very good example. I do try to keep this in perspective as there is some pathetic stat that 1 out of I don't know what the number is but it is sad Americans will be caught for drunk driving in their lifetimes. The thing is like you said he is already in active recovery, I think the NFL needs to punish him. I wonder what is at the root of the problem, it can't be the Lions loosing he knew about that when he took the job.

  3. I agree, he did know. Matt Millen was fired, but Tom Lewand wasn't promoted to team president until after the winless season.

  4. this is CadillacDann here from MLive.

    First off, in part I agree with your assesment of Lewand knowing better. He should have the where with all to make the decision that is obviously the right call here. You kind of decided to not go too deep in this article though. While his drinking is a problem and should have been watched more closely, he is entitled to privacy and full disclosure with some of his personal issues. I think it boiled down more to his character of will and determination to make it through this "recovery process" instead of saying he should know better. Again, I agree in part with your view but also see another side.. Thanks for the article.. I've been looking to a lot of alternatives since mlive is dying slowly.

  5. He is entitled to some privacy to what his personal problems are, however it is clearly a serious matter if he is drinking and driving. I hate to be this way but drinking and driving shows very poor judgement and usually that judgement is carried over into all facets of peoples lives, so I guess I am now expecting that he probably shows inappropriate judgement at work. The fact that he is already recovering very likely means before the drunk driving he had an instance that forced the recovery, the more I write I guess I am questioning if he is the man for the job going forward. I have compassion and wish him well in his recovery, however executive level jobs are not places for people with a history of poor judgement.

  6. CadillacDann
    I left the family out for the most part, except to point out that he was a father of 4. I felt I have no right to go into his personal life and say anything absurd, like:
    'He obviously is having family problems'.

    Now, his life as the president of the Detroit Lions, on the other hand, is public. I feel I have every right to go there. That's what I did.

  7. CadillacDann
    I am also glad you enjoyed the blog. There is a lot of football news here, just click on the NFL link at the top of the page.