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Week 3 Recap

Yay. The Lions won a game. No wonder why the White Sox and Tigers game was so windy on Sunday afternoon, that was from the entire city of Detroit letting out a sigh of relief.

Anyone that is reading this already knows all the stats. First win in 20 games. First since December 23rd of 2007. (2007!!!) Now everyone in the organization can focus on being a real NFL team. No more colossal losing streaks, at least for the moment, hanging over their heads.

In a tremendously ironic twist, the first game the Lions won in almost 2 years was blacked out locally and only had 40,000 fans in attendance. With that said most of what I know from the game is based totally on box scores and highlights. I'm fairly certain most of the fans will be fine with not seeing the game and just being able to get a win. Now, they can get down to business and develop Stafford into the number one pick that he can be.

Stafford had a solid performance against a pretty good Redskins defense. Throwing for 241 yards and a touchdown with no INTs. He even had a 21 yard run at one point. Showing that he is getting more comfortable and willing to improvise when a play breaks down.

Kevin Smith helped out by having 101 yards on only 16 carries, an average of 6.3 yards. Any time you can get a running back to have an average of over 4 yards per carry in the NFL it makes it easy to win games.

And that is just what the Lions need to start doing, win games. Attendance is dropping rapidly in Detroit and the consistent losing of games is making the Lions lose their fans. They have a juggernaut of a product in the NFL but the more they lose the less fans will want to come. Winning cures nearly all of the problems that arise in professional sports. Let's see if we can keep this going.


  1. Lets hope so , but the Lions have a very tough schedule.

  2. Stafford is an overated quaterback. He came from a college(GA) that made him look good. If you watch the films in his college days, he hardly had to scramble, he had excellent time to throw the ball,his running backs were superb. Now look at him in the NFL, he cannot handle pressure, looks confused, passes are way off target.

    Welcome to the NFL--quaterbacks that make it can handle the pressure and scramble. Also, can look downfield and throw accurate passes to receivers who break open trying to make something happen.

    Scramble, Look, Throw---The NFL BABY!!