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Week 2 Recap

By Justin Trudell

After the game week 1 against the Saints, Detroit fans went away from the game with no new hope for anything more than the fact that Matt Millen isn't around. While no one truly believes this team can go back to back win less seasons, the first week didn't exactly make us feel better about it.

First overall pick Matthew Stafford showed why rookie QB's rarely succeed in the NFL right away. A very strong arm and mild mobility will be enough to make yourself into a starting QB for a long time in the league but Stafford did not impress. Many passes were over thrown and miss read routes led to a stat line that would make Tony Banks cringe. 16/37 for 205 yards and 3 picks for a rating of 27.4. Yikes. With a weapon like Calvin Johnson at your disposal it's very hard to believe that a performance like that will be the norm. Still, being the number one pick and being thrown into the starting role and dropping a stinker like that against a Saints team that, to the best of my knowledge, doesn't even have defensive practices other than to help Drew Bress with his pursuit of the record books.

Meanwhile, in New York, Mark Sanchez was busy reminding everyone of the stories such as Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco are not as rare as conventional wisdom tells us. The USC quarterback that played one season under Pete Carrol in the rather weak Pac-10 was showing how big of a role the Lions organization plays in crippling a players confidence and ability. Stafford came out as a gun slinging three year starter from the SEC conference that has shown to be one of the best defensive conferences in the nation, and led Georgia to a BCS game, also winning all three bowl games they went to.

Granted, it was only one game against a potential Super Bowl contender on the road. There will be plenty of chances to show us why he was the number 1 pick. Getting the memories of Joey Harrington's lack of leadership and weak arm in a offensive system that didn't fit his strengths will be a welcome change. But, after one game the Lions didn't do for us that wanted after a win less season. Give us hope.

Week two didn't help much at all either. The Minnesota Vikings were in town to try and continue the recent dominance of their NFC north foe. I would like to call this a rivalry, but I'm pretty sure both teams have to win some for it to be considered that. After seeing the Lions defense be made into Swiss cheese against the Saints passing attack, I suppose it was only fair to face the NFL's best running back in the home opener.

The game was seemingly just like every other recent boring game the Lions have played in the last 8 years. Barely move the ball on offense and settle for field goals nearly every time they got into the red zone. Then show just enough defensive poise to keep the fans interested in the crap fest we have been tricked into thinking was professional football. The problem is the defense can't hold a team for the entire game to under 10 points. They just don't have the talent or coaching. No NFL team can score just 10 points on offense and expect to win.

Personally, I don't care how many games they win this year. They won't make the playoffs and who knows how long until we are even competitive. I just want to be entertained while watching these games. Enough with establishing a running game that just isn't working. Enough with passing the ball underneath the secondary to Calvin Johnson so we can just "get him the ball". You have a young QB that is already throwing more interceptions than any coach would ever like to see, so his confidence shouldn't be too effected by just launching some long passes to one of the best athletes in the world. Stretch the field and make them respect your money makers on offense. That opens up Kevin Smith for some easier runs into the second level and it keeps the clock rolling which gives your defense a rest.

I am obviously not a football coach by trade and have no desire to. On Sundays I just want to be able to know what it's like for the rest of the country when they get to watch semi-entertaining football games. In Detroit it's been the boring players with the boring coaches in the boring stadium for a little too long now. Let's have some fun.

Week 3 has the Redskins coming to Ford Field in what could be the first Lions victory in nearly 45 months, or something like that. Maybe it only seems like its been that long because nothing has changed from this team since the turn of the century. My prediction for week 3 is the Lions winning 15-10. Yet another fun filled afternoon of field goals and fumbles. I wish I had stock in the number of Bud lights sold at the stadium each Sunday, lord knows I'm gonna need one.

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  1. Lions winning 15-10. Interesting prediction , because the Lions last beat the Redskins in 2000 , with Hanson kicking 5 field goals.

    Imperical Evidence